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About us

We create bags, purses and other accessories. Using our own unique designs, we create handmade items from a number of discarded, scrap and off-cut materials including leather and upholstery fabrics. We strive to create products in a marriage of functionality and pleasing design. We focus on bright colours and strong patterns in an aesthetic often described as classic/retro design with a modern twist.

The materials used in our products are collected from discarded and found fabrics. Due to nature and limited amount of materials available – our products are often one of a kind. This also means that each product is a new and exciting challenge for us to create.

Gosia Weber is a self-taught designer/ maker with experience in using many types of material and fabric. Due to the fact that Gosia Weber is not a traditional leather worker means that she has a individual approach when it comes to using such materials and as a result, has a very unique quality and finish not found elsewhere.

Add this to Gosia's ability to collaborate with customers and their individual needs, whilst at the same time refusing to clone previous designs or to design for mass productions and your guaranteed to walk away with a product that is functional, unique and always spectacular!

Gosia and her bags can be found at many local and major craft fairs throughout the UK. Alternatively you can book to arrange a visit at her studio in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.